jhenaphere: (Default)
2017-01-07 06:58 am

Going to move my old LJ to here :)

Recent talk about LJ on Facebook got me thinking about my LJ. I haven't logged on in years. Got on with 1st try of password. :) Looks like the last time I posted was 2011. What is funny is the post that is kept at the top, dated year 2020 - I'm sure I did that sometime around 2006, with the year 2020 sounding far into the future. :)

I know I "backed up my LJ" onto an external hard drive around 2011 or 2012, but examining that external hard drive, it seems to be spotty and out of order, and I'm not sure i have all the pictures.

I cringe at some of my old LJ entries, flipping through them.
I DO want all the pictures though. I certain I do not have all of them. I know I have most of them, but for example in a post with about 4 or 5 pics, I know i have "the best one" saved on an external hard drive or even uploaded to Facebook, but the remaining 3 or 4 within the same post, not sure i have them anywhere but LJ. The pictures were originally posted to Flickr and then put to LJ but I can't seem to log onto my old Flickr account.